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The Many Benefits of Medical Software

By November 7, 2019 No Comments

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More than one-third of office-based physician care visits are to primary care doctors in general practice, family practice, or internal medicine. And according to a 2018 survey by the Physicians Foundation, a family medicine office doctor can see up to 20 patients per day. With so many people coming through the door, it can be easy for doctors, medical staff, and front desk coordinators to become overwhelmed. More clinics are turning to electronic document management systems to keep up. Here’s an overview of what medical software can do.


Schedule appointments


Medical software allows patients to find and schedule their next appointment online without ever having to sit on hold on the telephone or even talk to someone. Patients can see their doctor’s availability, choose a time that they want, and click a button to schedule. The patient will then receive text messages, emails, or automated calls to confirm or remind them or their appointment. This can reduce the amount of staff needed to answer calls or free up more time for those already on staff.


Check in patients


Medical digital check-in software is available for patients to use when they arrive for their appointments. This new digital approach allows patients to fill out consent forms and collect demographic data without wasting paper. Everything goes into a digital file and the staff is notified via email or text that a patient has arrived. Check-in software eliminates wait time and the need for extra resources.


Register patients pre-appointment


Similar to how check-in software is used, patients can enter their medical and family histories, sign consent forms, enter demographic information, and fill out an assessment online before they even have their appointments with remote pre-visit registration and intake. These digital documents are then sent directly to the office and become part of the patient’s records. This can save even more time for patients and give staff a chance to review documents beforehand.


Collect payments


Medical software can also allow patients to pay their bills online. Current balances and copays can be found in check-in software workflow. This makes billing paperless and easier for both the staff and patients.


Send surveys


Medical software has the ability to send surveys to patients after their appointments, as well. The patient receives a text message and can rate their experience. This is then published on your choice of social media or used as feedback in the office.


Medical software is becoming more and more necessary in this digital age. It can save time and money, improve efficiency, reduce data entry, and improve provider and patient relationships.