No More Crowded Waiting Rooms

With social distancing becoming increasingly popular, less people feel comfortable sitting in crowded waiting rooms. They would rather skip the waiting room altogether, and DocResponse’s social distancing tool makes that easy to do.

We already have many creative solutions to minimize time spent in the waiting room, but now we’re eliminating that time completely by allowing patients to stay in their cars until you’re ready for them.

social distancing

The way it works is simple:

  • The patient receives a notification 30 minutes prior to their appointment, giving them instructions about their upcoming visit.
  • When the patient arrives, they’ll text the office to notify the staff of their arrival.
  • The patient automatically receives a text to remain in their vehicle.
    When the patient is ready to be seen, office staff will text the patient to come inside.

When you choose DocResponse’s social distancing tool, you choose health and safety as your top priority. For a practice dedicated to the wellbeing of others, going with this solution is the natural choice. Your patients and staff will thank you for it.