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DocResponse – Telehealth’s New Best Friend

By July 27, 2016 No Comments

DocResponse – Telehealth’s New Best Friend

Telehealth is an area of revolutionary healthcare advancement, and the DocResponse platform is pleased to be developing solutions to provide value to these providers. As many of you know the DocResponse team has been working to improve healthcare quality, access, and affordability through a unique proprietary platform which provides patients and their providers with the most accurate differential diagnosis on the market according to a recent Harvard study.  What you may not know is that DocResponse has incredible potential for applications to assist in the provision of telehealth services.


Here are five innovative applications for DocResponse in telehealth:


  1. Connect patients to appropriate telehealth providers by routing them through the DocResponse application to gather information related to symptoms and health prior to the telephonic consultation


  1. Increase patient education and satisfaction by incorporating DocResponse in your telehealth wellness portal as a stand-alone add in for patients to utilize for self-diagnosis


  1. Verify the accuracy of telehealth provider diagnosis, and receive additional inputs on custom differential diagnosis developed via a patients’ own self-reported answers


  1. Gather critical patient information during the intake process and streamline patient provider communication saving time and increasing organizational efficiency


  1. Measure, monitor, and improve telehealth diagnostic quality as part of a healthcare quality improvement project


DocResponse is currently looking for innovative telehealth providers to become partners in innovative pilot projects aimed at increasing operational efficiency, decreasing costs, and enhancing patient satisfaction metrics.  If you are a telehealth program and would be interested in exploring pilot project opportunities, please contact us at