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3 Ways Patient Expectations of Healthcare Changed Since COVID-19

COVID-19 dramatically altered society’s way of life. From shifts to remote work environments to ways people sought out entertainment, virtually every aspect of life was altered. While some institutions have returned to normal since 2020, the healthcare industry’s movement to address the pandemic had a lasting impact on how patient’s expect care. Here are 3 examples of how patient expectations of healthcare changed since COVID-19.

Patients Expect More Technology Now

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, patients expect that healthcare providers will use more technology to better manage their care. Patients are accustomed to having gadgets and information at their fingertips, and the pandemic only amplified that. From providing instant access to their own health records to easily communicating with their doctor’s office, patients are tech-focused. 

Additionally, doctors use telehealth more than ever now to encourage social distancing. Recent statistics indicate that the use of virtual care in 2022 is 38 times higher than pre-pandemic levels. Patients are pleased with this shift and have even come to expect it. In addition to improving the patient experience, using this technology improves patient outcomes and the quality of the healthcare system as a whole.

Patients Prioritize Convenience (and So Do Doctors)

The pandemic also changed the way that patients prioritize convenience. Both patients and providers said that they prioritize the use of platforms like telemedicine over face-to-face interactions because they are easier, cheaper, and faster. Additionally, patients are more likely to fill out pre-registration information online if it’s easy to navigate and understand.  Rather than log into clunky patient portals and download apps, they want to minimize clicks and finish up quickly.

With the pandemic, and with the increasing convenience of online care, patients are prioritizing their own convenience over other deciding factors. For example, in a 2019 survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 74% of respondents who had changed their clinic said they had done so because of convenience. The most common reasons were online scheduling availability (60%), avoiding face-to-face visits (54%), and care later in the day (31%). 

Patients Expect Solutions for Staffing Shortages

Like countless other industries in the U.S, healthcare experienced significant staffing shortages in 2020.  Unlike other industries, however, shortages in healthcare could be a matter of life and death due to delays in care and physician burnout. Patients know it, too.

At this point in the pandemic, patients expect a solution to address these staffing shortages endangering their health.  From software that relieves administrative burdens to digital patient workflows, providers are now turning to technology to overcome these new patient expectations of healthcare.  By going digital, providers have mitigated staffing shortages because the tech they implemented reduces the need to hire.

DocResponse Addresses Patient Expectations of Healthcare in 2022

DocResponse’s clinic workflow solution meets all of the expectations patients have had since COVID-19.  Its user-friendly interface has the power to keep patients happy while improving provider efficiency by:

  • reducing clinic documentation
  • preventing errors due to double-entry
  • providing all pre-registration information prior to the appointment

In addition, here are a few more ways DocResponse empowers physicians to better serve patients:

  • App & download-free telemedicine is the ultimate solution for convenient remote patient care
  • Online scheduling simplifies appointment-making for both patients and front desk staff alike
  • Forms on Demand  empowers patients to complete screeners, consent forms, and payments collections on the device of their choice
  • Digital check-in dramatically decreases waiting room time and minimizes staff burnout

Interested in exceeding patient expectations through software proven to enhance your practice?  Schedule a demo to learn more about DocResponse’s all-in-one solution!

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