How Outpatient Intake Software Can Improve Your Medical Facility

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In today’s world, convenience and speed are paramount. Although consumers used to be willing to wait in order to get what they wanted, that’s no longer the case in the digital age. Instead, products and services need to be obtained quickly and easily.

That can present a challenge for many medical facilities. While technology has helped a great deal, there are also a number of drawbacks that keep providers from being able to fulfill patient expectations, in some cases. Even though digital record-keeping has allowed medical staff members to access vital information more easily, this reliance on technology often requires employees and physicians to spend more time looking at screens than they do at their patients. Instead of using their expertise to provide care, they must first complete paperwork and data entry — taking valuable time away from those who need their attention.

Even checking in a patient can result in a substantial time commitment. However, there are solutions available that can streamline this process without sacrificing the patient experience. What’s more, those solutions may be more digitally driven than you might think.

Outpatient intake software can allow patients to schedule their own appointments using a virtual portal and check themselves in on arrival. With patient intake software they can even complete their own medical check-in remotely! Once they’re confirmed at this step, patients can complete any necessary forms and report any symptoms they’re experiencing relating to their visit. Not only does this give patients more control over their experience, but it also frees up the staff at your facility to attend to more pressing matters. In addition, having outpatient intake software can speed up the entire check-in and waiting process, meaning that staff can see an increased number of patients in a given time and deliver improved results for those patients.

If you’re looking to…

  1. Allow patients to schedule appointments through a streamlined portal
  2. Permit visitors to complete their own digital check-in process
  3. Find a way to reduce staff-completed data entry
  4. Streamline medical history forms
  5. Increase clinic efficiency, patient visits, and revenue
  6. Make payment collection a breeze

…we’re here to help. For more information on DocResponse, your new outpatient intake software solution, please contact us today.