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Appointment Scheduling

Leave it to DocResponse to schedule appointments for your practice.

Paperless Digital Check-In

Go paperless, go green, go with DocResponse to modernize your office.

Payment Collection

Lets make collecting co-pays and outstanding balances easy with DocResponse.

Clinical Documentation

DocResponse will obtain the past medical history, review of systems, and produce a preliminary history of present illness with ICD-10 codes.

Increased Productivity

Helping doctors reclaim their time


Increase in clinic efficiency


more patients seen per doctor


saved per patient visit


Increase patient collection at time of service per provider

What clinics are saying

Dr. SSan Antonio, TX

“We believe in your product so much that we know it will become the new standard to solve the time and financial constraints of running an efficient medical practice, especially primary care.”

Athenahealth Marketplace Review

“Docresponse is FABULOUS! The program was the exact solution we needed. The ability for patients to remotely check-in, assisting us with their HPI and historical content has enhanced our documentation and created efficiencies. We couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend Doc Response to anyone.”

Dr. VThe Woodlands, TX

“It shortens the encounter time and finishes charting faster than what I was previously doing.”

DocResponse was found to be the most accurate diagnostic tool on the market in a Harvard Medical School peer-reviewed study published in the BMJ

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