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We’ve revolutionized healthcare with our patient engagement platform designed to maximize your medical practice. Our all-in-one software solution is built for providers, by providers to increase the efficiency of your practice while increasing patient satisfaction.

What Is

Fully integrated into athenahealth, DocResponse is a customizable digital check-in, patient intake, documentation, social distancing, telemedicine, and reputation management tool developed by board-certified physicians and technology experts that uses patient-entered data to significantly reduce overhead, increase revenue, and eliminate after-hours EHR documentation.

Software Features

Appointment Scheduling

Patients can find and schedule appointments right from the provider schedules, online from any device. Text reminders are sent to maximize patient attendance.

Digital Check-In

Collect demographic data and consent forms without paper. Demographic data is easy to update. Consent forms are managed to improve the patient experience. All data goes directly into the proper EHR fields. Emails are sent automatically to drive remote compliance and minimal wait times.

Remote Pre-Visit Registration & Intake

Demographic information, your consent forms and patient medical histories will be presented to your patients to complete and push directly into the EHR.


Schedule testing, enhance vaccination workflows, and promote social distancing with our COVID-19-based solutions.

Assessment Tool

Patients complete an assessment (curated by board certified specialists) that is pushed directly into the note for provider review and confirmation.

Auto Update EHR

Past Medical, Surgical, Family, Social histories are all entered digitally by the patient and pushed into the medical records.

Differential Diagnosis with ICD-10 Codes

For sick visits, the patient-entered assessment provides a differential diagnosis for the provider to consider. The associated ICD-10 Codes are provided to reduce provider key-strokes and code hunting.

Forms on Demand

Send any consent form, screener, or payment collection to a patient's device with the simple click of a button.

Payment Collection

Current balances and copays are displayed in the check-in workflow to make payment collection easy.

Clinical Documentation

Documentation of Medical Histories, Review of Systems and Preliminary History of Present Illness (HPI)

Reputation Management

Text messages are sent to encourage reviews and that 4 and 5 star ratings are published to your specified social media sites.


Simplify remote health with patient-friendly, single-click, app-free software.

We Save You Time.

How you use it is up to you. See more patients or take back your personal life.


more patients seen per doctor per day


saved per patient per visit



increase in clinic efficiency

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