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Six Ways DocResponse is Being Used to Improve Healthcare

By August 24, 2016 No Comments

The DocResponse Revolution


There is a delicate balance that needs to be struck between the quality of healthcare, and containing ever escalating healthcare costs.  DocResponse is a unique proprietary platform that was designed to help insurers, healthcare providers, and employer groups do just that.


The DocResponse platform provides access to the diagnostic skills of a specialist physician at the touch of a button.  DocResponse has also been recognized as the most accurate clinical decision support tool on the market according to a study conducted by Harvard University and published in the British Medical Journal.  Here are ten innovative ways that providers, payers, and patients are using DocResponse to increase engagement, decrease healthcare costs, and improve health!



1. DocResponse can be utilized in conjunction with TeleMedicine and TeleHealth providers as an advanced screening tool to ensure that patients are routed to the appropriate physician – and to provide documentation every step of the way!


2. Healthcare Portals are a wonderful place for patients to access information – with the integration of the DocResponse platform they are also transformed into diagnostic tools to help those you serve determine when they need to be seen – and what level of care they require. In a recent study it was found that 45% of DocResponse users saved a trip to the Emergency Room.



3. The high cost of healthcare utilization by a payer organizations members is one of the prominent challenges of today’s healthcare environment. It is essential that people receive the quality care that they need – but patients are often confused about where to seek care, and whether an issue is urgent, emergent, or best handled by their primary care physician.  DocResponse is a tool which helps patients navigate the healthcare system by directing them to the most appropriate resources for their healthcare concern – this saves the patient time – and saves everyone money by decreasing utilization of unneeded services.

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4. Urgent Care Centers fill a primary need in the delivery of healthcare. DocResponse is being utilized by these providers as a way to triage patients who present for an appointment – and to provide patients with trusted, reliable information about their diagnosis from expert specialists.  Together this creates efficiency for the provider, and empowerment for the educated patient!


5. Patient satisfaction and engagement are a critical factor to the quality scores and retention rates of any provider practice. DocResponse is currently being used to provide concierge level service to patients – accessed remotely, during convenient times – to provide information about health care problems, preventive recommendations for healthcare screenings, and to heighten engagement through technology.

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6. DocResponse helps providers increase efficiency by an estimated 10-15%, and assists in generating reimbursement for physician patient interactions via email. This helps to reduce the loss of revenue for organizations, and provides a complement or replacement to more costly after hours nurse call centers.



DocResponse is currently seeking provider, payer, and urgent care organizations to work with as partners in pilot projects.  To learn more about available opportunities, or to see how your organization can access the benefits of DocResponse for your patients please contact us at