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A Fresh Idea for Your Healthcare Quality Improvement Programs

By July 20, 2016 No Comments

The Need for Healthcare Quality Improvement Programs


Nearly every healthcare organization will need to develop a healthcare quality improvement program or healthcare quality improvement project (QIPs) at some time.


  • Often quality improvement programs are a requirement of obtaining accreditation, and meeting re-accreditation standards.
  • Certain payer organization and CMS contracts require that healthcare providers and organizations have at least one quality improvement project per year.
  • Managed Care Organization and Accountable Care Organization state contracts frequently stipulate that organizations have a healthcare quality improvement program or project which is conducted on an annual basis and provided for review and dissemination.


As part of working together to drive innovation and cost effective quality, healthcare quality improvement programs provide a unique opportunity for an organization to test what is working in the field.  They allow for the design of new processes and clinical interventions which can be structured and measured to determine the positive impact on patient care.


Challenges in Executing Healthcare Quality Improvement Programs


Although healthcare quality improvement programs provide a unique opportunity, they also present a host of challenges.


  • Staff shortages, and increasing workloads make it difficult for organizations to allocate quality time and attention to designing and implementing a program
  • Lack of patient data and measurements make it challenging to target a specific area for improvement
  • Designing and conducting interventions presents problems to the current patient and staff work flows if not properly executed
  • Documentation and dissemination of results requires collaborative analytic efforts from multiple points within an organization
  • Interventions or process changes need to be affordable so that they can be tested and piloted with little to no monetary cost to the organization


A Fresh Idea for Healthcare Quality Improvement Programs


If your organization is facing challenges developing this years’ upcoming quality improvement program, you might want to consider partnering with a healthcare startup organization.  An innovative partnership with a healthcare startup organization which offers new technology allows your internal team to develop a targeted quality improvement project without the need for high cost internal process or technology investments.  These partnerships are often designed in the form of a pilot project.  Because the startup organization is as determined as you are to show quality measure impacts, baseline performance, and improvement metrics – they can serve as an extension of your internal team and work with you as a trusted partner in driving improvements.


Benefits of working with a healthcare startup for your annual quality improvement project include:


  • The ability to hone in on a relevant clinical topic
  • Ease of identification and crosswalk of relevant quality of care measurements
  • Startup organizations which have participated in multiple pilot projects will be able to share with you some of their internal baselines for performance and outcomes, allowing you to create a broader measurement for impacts
  • Your internal team will not have to go through the process of developing and conducting interventions alone. Often times a pilot program organization will provided much needed support staff and executive touchpoints so that you can facilitate the quality improvement work with little usage of internal staff time.
  • Time savings are created when it comes to documenting the project and the outcomes. Instead of having your own internal staff work to consolidate and write up all required documentation and findings associated with the project, the healthcare startup or pilot project partner organization can work with your team to compile and consolidate data into a findings report.
  • Information can be co-released by both organizations saving time, creating efficiency, and sharing success throughout a broader network.


DocResponse is currently working with select organizations as a pilot program partner.  If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can take advantage of this unique opportunity please contact us via the comments below, or email us directly at